CRR Academy - Corporate

We have streamlined our ordering process and the tools available to employers

We refer to you as a Corporate/Organization with a Company Representative

Move skills forward

Learn and improve skills across business, tech, design, and more. Taught by experts to help your workforce do whatever comes next.

Achieve learning outcomes, faster

Everyone’s learning journey is different. Create impactful and relevant learning paths to achieve the outcomes you want. We have the tools you need to unlock knowledge at your organization.


  • Training can now only be booked and paid for online by registering as a Corporate/Organization, selecting (1 or more) courses from the web store and then paying online.
  • When you book online courses as a Corporate/Organization you are given access to state of the art user management and reporting tools.
  • You must ensure you select Corporate/Organization when making your online purchase to ensure you receive the correct account access.

Company Representative

  • As a Company Representative you are given access to tools that will help facilitate the delivery and tracking of staff training.
  • These tools are automatically made available after your purchase of any  course/s as a Corporate/Organization.
  • These tools are protected and only viewable via your own private secure Online Account.
  • Staff that you enroll in courses do not have access to these tools.  They have their own course account.
  • Only Company Representatives will be able to access a special set of reporting & management tools.
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